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Patient Information

Answers to common questions about prescriptions, appointments, and more.
Please contact us (662) 281-0112 with questions or for assistance.


We see patients by appointment only. Most often, a referral by a primary care physician is required. Please call our office at (662) 281-0112 during normal business hours from 8AM to 4PM to make an appointment.

Financial Policies

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover in the office and by phone. We also accept cash payments.

Prescription Refills

When you need a prescription refill for a medication prescribed by one of our physicians call your pharmacy, even if you have no refills left. The pharmacy will contact us for authorization to fill your medication. We need 24 - 48 hours to process the pharmacy’s authorization request, so please plan your refill requests accordingly.

Privacy & HIPAA Statements

We do. You can view the policy here: Privacy Policy

Procedures & Testing

For information about EEG testing and how to prepare for your EEG click here: EEG Test